The journey to beautiful portraits is easy and fun, but does require planning and expert guidance. Don’t worry, as a professional portrait photographer for more than 20 years, Diane Dultmeier has the expertise needed! These are the steps, in a nutshell: 

1. You and Diane will meet to get to know each other and make a plan for your portrait session. (Or, if you live elsewhere, we will talk on the phone and email each other. See more information here if you don’t live in the area).

2. You (and your family) will meet Diane for your fun Portrait Session at the location of your choice.

3. After creating the images, she will put together a custom slide show of your best images.

4. You will meet again and Diane will provide expert guidance as you work together to choose your favorite images and select the products that fit your personality and home. 

5. Diane and staff will take great care in producing your custom artwork, from retouching to designing, framing and final touches.

6. You will walk into Diane’s Stuart gallery and see your beautiful portraits for the first time. (Or, if you don’t live here, we will package them very securely and ship them to you.

7. Your cherished images will enhance the décor in your home and remind you of this moment in time. 



Check out the answers to many common questions.



How are you different? +

I am a full service photographer and will work with you from start to finish. Your photographs will not reside on a hard drive or USB but will be displayed in your home as finished artwork hanging on your walls and as coffee table books that capture this milestone for you. In addition, my expert guidance is a big piece of the process and leads to the family heirlooms you first envisioned when the idea of portraits came to you.

I’m going to be visiting the area. What is the process? +

First, we need to chat on the phone to get to know each other a little bit and make sure I am the photographer for you. If you decide I am, then I can email you helpful information and we can talk on the phone about timing, clothing and location. As soon you are sure about the dates you will be in town, we can lock in a time for your Portrait Session and the Selection Appointment.

How much is a portrait session? +

Outdoor weekday portrait sessions are $250, at the Martin County location of your choice. You may upgrade to a Saturday session for $100. I am happy to do sessions outside of Martin County also, usually an upgrade of $100 for additional time and travel expense. Let’s discuss what you are looking for. The session fee covers the portrait session, the creation of a custom proofing slide show and our time together making your selections. Products are purchased separately.

Can I just buy the digital files and no products? +

I am a full service photographer, working with you from the initial planning, through the delivery of completed final products, ready to display in your home. I do not do “shoot and burn” photography because I consider that a disservice to my clients who come to me not only for beautiful portraits, but also for expert guidance and advice, plus professionally finished products. In addition, all our images go through a four-step retouching process; no image is ever released without retouching.

Can I get digital files for my social media use? +

We are happy to provide low-resolution digital files for social media use, of the images you have purchased, upon request. (If you would like high-resolution digital files of the images you have ordered, we can discuss this on a case-by-case basis, plus a minimum purchase must be met.)

Do you travel? +

Sure! As long as it fits my family’s schedule. You would cover accommodations and any additional travel fees, like mileage, rental car, airfare. (I’m interested in a trip to Europe…) ☺

What should we wear? +

I recommend simple, timeless outfits because they bring the focus to your faces and relationships. You don’t all have to match, but coordinate your clothing so the colors and tones all blend together nicely. During our consultation appointment, we will talk about this and brainstorm what looks good at the location you have chosen.

I’m on here vacation. Can you do our portraits? +

I would love to! Email me or call me right now—we can talk to see if we are a good fit for each other. If so, I can check to see if I have an opening at a time when you are available. (Some families decide to wait until their next visit, so they can plan ahead and be truly ready next time.)

Are my images retouched? +

Each Dultmeier portrait goes through a four-step retouching process so that your portraits naturally capture your family as you really are on your best days. Your images will capture you, only better.

It’s hot outside! Is this a good time of year for outdoor portraits? +

I create portraits all year long, because we are blessed in Florida to have continually nice weather and scenery. It does get hot, but we don’t do portrait sessions in the middle hours of our hot, humid days. Sessions take place either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. We are always in the shade and we usually have the ocean breeze keeping us a bit cool. With that said, we can talk more about this if you have a particularly “sweaty” person in your family. ☺

How long does it take to get products? +

Most orders take 6-8 weeks. However, let me know if you have a specific gift-giving deadline and I can let you know if my production schedule allows me to rush your order.