10 Reasons


…to choose Diane Dultmeier for your next family portrait.


ONLY PORTRAITS: Diane loves people and families and is a portrait specialist, dedicating 100% of her focus on creating compelling portraits for families--no weddings, no events, no real estate photos...simply portraits. Family portraits really matter to her. Read more about that here.


EASY TO WORK WITH: Diane is warm, relaxed, easy going and enjoyable to work with, lots of fun and very professional. One client said, “She has an amazing way of getting everyone to relax, and as a result, the smiles are so natural.”


PLANNING: You and Diane will meet ahead of time to chat and make plans for your portraits, talking about your family, possible locations arund the Treasure Coast, clothing, timing. The actual day of the portrait session will be relaxed and enjoyable because these decisions are already made. Plus you and Diane will already know each other and feel comfortable.


EXPERT TIPS: Because she has been doing this for a long time and also has her own imperfect and very loved family, Diane can give you pointers and ideas that will ease any anxiety you might have about having your family portrait made. 


NATURAL LIGHTING: Diane knows what time of day to be at each location for the best lighting, so that you look great. She will advise you about timing and will work with you, coordinating with your family schedule.


FULL SERVICE: Diane works with you from start to finish and you will end up with beautiful portraits to display in your home. She will not send you off to figure out how to print your images, or even sadder, to get busy with life and leave them on a hard drive. (We’ve all done that--how many photos do we have on our phones that we haven’t gotten around to printing?)  


PROFESSIONAL PORTRAIT PRODUCTS: We work with professional photo labs and offer unique, high-quality custom products. Dultmeier Photography is known for our archival canvas wall portraits and we also offer modern metals and acrylics for your walls plus albums and image boxes for your coffee tables. 


NATURAL RETOUCHING: Each Dultmeier portrait goes through a four-step retouching process so that your portraits naturally capture your family as you really are on your best days. Your images will capture you, only better. And they will not have a retouched look. No one will look at them and think, “Wow, a lot of work was done on those; they look so fake.” On the other hand, distracting elements like fly away hairs, blemishes, lint, bright spots, etc. will be eliminated, so that the focus is on your faces and relationships.







TRUST: For more than 25 years Diane and her staff have been known as reliable and responsible, consistently following through to deliver your beautiful portraits in a timely manner, exceeding your expectations. She has been a member of Professional Photographers of America during most of this time and the business has been in the same location since 2004. 


RELATIONSHIPS: Always the foundation of Dultmeier Photography, we offer the finest service, connecting with you in real ways, giving us all a fun, enjoyable experience. Families come back again and again through the years. Diane’s favorite thing is to see you all evolve and change and to help you keep your memories fresh through natural, relaxed portraits.