Portraits In North Carolina

Hello Everyone!

Are you planning a visit to North Carolina this July? Our family loves visiting North Carolina–here’s a photo of my kids from last summer:


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A few years ago, we had the idea that we would love to offer portrait sessions to our clients who also visit North Carolina, so this year we finally are!


Last summer we vacationed with a few of our best friends in North Carolina. While we were there we created family portraits for them in a few different locations around Highlands and Cashiers. These portraits now hang on their walls, and were also included in their 2011 Christmas cards, and received rave reviews. These are some of the portraits created on our trip:

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Please call us at 772-223-0451 if you would like to talk about creating beautiful portraits of your family in the Smoky Mountains. We haven’t chosen specific dates for our trip yet, so right now we are flexible.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

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We are also in the market for a place to stay during our visit. Let us know if you have connections in that arena. Thanks!


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