Make time for a portrait with your visiting family members

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Have you thought about having a portrait done while family is visiting you on the Treasure Coast?

If your grandchildren are visiting or your grown children, this is a chance to capture something very special and memorable that your family will be truly thankful for in coming years.

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Stuart, Florida, where I live, abounds with visiting family members throughout the year—and for good reason, because this is a beautiful place to live and visit. During the winter months, when it is cold and perhaps dreary in much of our country, it is beautiful, green and tropical here.

A family portrait with multiple generations is unusual these days.

It is definitely a challenge to get all those people in one place at the same time. But if you are able to do it, you will always cherish the portrait and be glad you did it. Since I have been a portrait photographer for more than 20 years, I have many stories I can tell about why my clients are so glad they have had portraits made over the years.

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For example, last year, on the day after Thanksgiving, I photographed a three-generation family portrait (17 people) in my client’s Palm City yard. I was told that when the idea first came up, not everyone was excited about going to the trouble of having a portrait made. But now, everyone is SO GLAD we did it, because my client’s father passed away last spring. Now that Dad is gone, they are all grateful to have the portrait and thankful that her mom has a beautiful three-generation 20×24 framed canvas hanging in her home, with the complete family in the image. That time together can never be created again.

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Another great reason for a portrait is that we are all changing, year after year.

It’s most obvious in our children and truly astounding when you look at them and realize how much they have changed right before your eyes. And, to me, it’s most noticeable when we look back at photographs from two or three years ago because we don’t notice those day-to-day changes so much.

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I love to photograph families, so if you are thinking of a portrait when your family is visiting, please contact me. I have lots of great ideas and tips that will make the process go smoothly and together we will create images you will cherish so very much.

I have never had a client tell me they regret having portraits made. However, clients frequently tell me they regret not having MORE portraits made through the years.

Keep in mind that I get quite booked around the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and during the Spring when colleges and schools have their spring breaks. It is a good idea to book your portrait date as soon as you know the dates that family members are arriving. Also, during your session, I will photograph the whole family and I am happy to photograph lots of subgroups also, like each individual family and the grandkids, for example.

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