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Hello, everyone!

I can’t believe how fast time has gone by this fall! Every year this happens–it seems like school just started and suddenly Halloween is upon us; then Thanksgiving. My kids already got their first report cards (good news, thankfully)!

I have been getting quite a few calls from moms and grandmothers to schedule sessions during the upcoming holiday vacations when everyone is together. This is a great time for portraits! Usually the weather is optimal and everyone is in a good mood and excited about the holidays. Kids are home from college and families are visiting from out of state. We are so excited in Florida when this time of year comes because the weather is PERFECT for being outside and for creating awesome portraits.

Coming up with coordinating clothing can be a bit of a struggle when doing a portrait with people coming from out of town. The window of time when everyone is together can be tight–you may have only one day that works to have everyone in one place at the same time. It helps to have your clothes figured out ahead of time.

My suggestion is to have everyone go online and order tops from someplace that has “classic” styles of clothing, like Land’s End, The Gap or Old Navy. If everyone orders the same color, from the same company, you know they will match. The style of the tops can be different, but choose color tones that look nice together. Usually either all dark colors, all light colors or all medium tones.

The idea is to have the clothing coordinate nicely so the main subject of the portrait is the people and the faces, not the clothing.

I would love to create a portrait of your family (or just the kids or grandkids) over the holidays! If you would like to talk about it, call me at 772-223-0451.

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