Great parenting workshops at Stuart’s Blake library

This past Saturday I attended a workshop at the Blake Library called Mapping the Middle–about tweens and surviving middle school. My son Daniel is 10 and will start middle school next year. I remember what a hard time that was for me, and most people I talk to say the same. What a tough time–physically maturing, emotional confusion and a new atmosphere as far as being in middle school instead of elementary school. I want to do all I can to make this easy on my son. And the rest of us! The seminar was excellent! I learned a lot about things I just hadn’t thought about. There were high school students there who lent their perspective, which was great since it has been quite a long time since I was that age. Let’s just say it was in the 1970’s! So we didn’t have cell phones and Facebook and video games and texting. But we were still confused. One senior said that she would advise us to NOT let our kids have cell phones or Facebook. Just say no. The main reason is that other kids are SO mean and say things via texting or instant messaging or just posting to the Facebook wall. She said even at her age she finds it overwhelming. That speaks volumes to me. The library is having seminars monthly this school year and I am including the flyer here telling all about them. I will be attending most of them–and hopefully my husband also. I hope to see you there!


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