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This is the time of year many families are thinking of having a portrait made. Not only is the weather beautiful, this is the perfect time for a portrait so you can send awesome Christmas cards, get gifts for friends and family AND choose some really nice products for display in your own home.

A family portrait is a way to capture who you are as a family, right at this moment in time. You think you will remember, but you won’t, not the way you hope. When I look at portraits of my kids and my family, I go right back to that time in our lives and I remember the way life was at that time, when they were smaller, more cuddly and more needy. I also remember the warm, fuzzy and happy memories. And I learn to cherish today, realizing that these moments are also flying by.

Just today I photographed two awesome sisters, Marly and Jenna. I have been taking their pictures since Jenna was a baby and Marley wasn’t here yet, at those times we used baby and kids furniture at for the environment of the pictures. I absolutely love seeing them again! We had fun together giggling and coming up with ideas for poses. Their mom has made it a priority to do portraits every couple of years and she has totally documented who they are at each stage, capturing milestones that she (and they) will have to remember their growing up years, here in Stuart, Florida. ( I will post some images from their session later, once they are “beautified.”)

As she said a couple of years ago, “Every photo session is not only enjoyable, but also a growing experience. It isn’t just me who looks forward to them, but it is our girls…and could I ask for a better childhood memory?”

I have been a portrait photographer for more than 20 years and I truly love what I do! My FREE ebook Looking Great in Your Family Portrait will be a real help to you as you move forward with your portrait now or in the future.

If you have any questions or need more help moving forward with your portrait, give me a call at 772-223-0451.

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